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What To Expect

Call Today Please call 847-823-5010 to make an appointment for your complimentary orthodontic exam and consultation with Dr. Westfallen.

Treatment Options At your consultation, Dr. Westfallen will help you decide which treatment option and type of appliance is best suited for you or your child.

Orthodontic Records Prior to beginning treatment specific information is gathered to tailor a treatment plan for the patient. Orthodontic records include x-rays, photographs, and impressions or "molds" made of the teeth. These "molds" are used to develop models for closer examination of the teeth and how the upper and lower teeth relate to each other. X-rays are used to measure your teeth and jaws. Photographs help diagnose your problem.

Fixed appliances/braces, called brackets, are bonded onto the teeth. Brackets provide the most precise tooth movement and can correct a wide range of bite problems. Because of this advantage, they are the type of braces most often recommended by orthodontists. Brackets can be metal or a clear tooth colored material. Dr. Westfallen will assist you in deciding which type of brackets is best for you.

Removable Appliances are the type of appliance is most often used to align just a few slightly tipped or crooked teeth. They can be taken out the mouth for eating and brushing. Some removable appliances have wires that can be used to apply pressure to reposition teeth. Another option for some adults is a completely clear plastic removable appliance known as an aligner. You may be familiar with aligners under the brand name INVISALIGN®. Tooth movement is done with a series of aligners each designed to create a sequence of tooth movements. Removable appliances are to be worn 22 out of every 24 hours in order to be effective.

Spacers A week or two before you get braces, spacers or separators will be placed between the back teeth. These are small elastics that gently create a slight space so that small rings, called bands, can be placed around the teeth. You will not receive spacers if you are going to have removable appliances.

Impressions are taken if your treatment will require additional orthodontic appliances along with your braces. Impressions are also needed to create removable appliances or clear aligners.

Adjustments Teeth can be moved in many directions depending on how pressure is applied by your fixed or removable orthodontic appliances. Once your braces or aligners are placed, your adjustment appointments are scheduled every 4-6 weeks. Dr. Westfallen will adjust your appliances and strategically apply pressure to guide the movement of your teeth.

Retaining Your Smile Once your teeth are aligned, Dr. Westfallen will fabricate an appliance called a retainer. The retainer holds your teeth in their new position. To best maintain your smile, follow our instructions on how often to wear your retainer.

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